Telecare and communication solution

Connecting beneficiaries, families and professionals. All information in one place. Simple and easy to use.

What is MEMAXI all about?


Care and communication

MEMAXI enhances and facilitates care planning and communication, breaks isolation and provides a sense of security to people who need long-term care.

The MEMAXI Care and Communications solution brings together and bridges the communication gap in the inevitable triangle of the beneficiary, his family and professional care providers.

MEMAXI is a revolutionary set of tools for:

  • People needing long term care
  • People in isolation
  • Families and friends
  • Municipalities and welfare services
  • Governmental healthcare providers
  • Those affected by COVID-19

Our solution

MEMAXI joins together the beneficiary of care, their family and friends and professional care providers.

The beneficiary is in the foreground and their wellbeing, sense of security and peace of mind is what all carers strive for. The beneficiary can follow their day on a standard tablet computer with the Memaxi Display running on it.

Quality care can only be achieved by connecting the different care groups and helping them plan their activities and exchange information.

MEMAXI does that all and adds easy-to-use video calls, photo sharing and more so that the beneficiary continues to be an active participant in their own life.



Memaxi HOME

For families


Helping the beneficiary lead an independent life with assistance from their family and friends. Share information, photos and responsibilities and stay in contact with easy-to-use video calls.

Memaxi PRO

For professionals


Designed for professional carers and organisations to manage complex and person-centered care plans and collaborate with other care providers. Stop working on paper and embrace modern technology.


The MEMAXI solution consists of 3 tools to create a complete telecare network

Display app


Display app

A clever and simple graphical interface for tablet computers with all information in one place for those who receive long-term care.

Features: Calendar, Notes, Photos, Guestbook, Video Calls and many more.

Connect app


Connect app

Remotely manage the daily routine of the people you assist. Whatever you set here will be clearly visible in the Display app.

Features: Calendar, Video Calls, Reminders, Photos and many more.

Web app


Web app

An online web app for detailed care planning and management. Used by the family and professional carers.

Features: Calendar, Journal, Info Cards, Video Call Centre and many more.

Our users

The beneficiary

  • The elderly that need long term care
  • People with physical or mental disabilities
  • People in Covid 19 isolation or quarantine

The family carer

  • Family near and far away
  • Friends and neighbours
  • Trusted carers

The professional carer

  • Care institutions providing long term care
  • Municipalities and home service workers
  • Governmental health care providers

Our development partners